Information Technology Consultancy

Your security is our business

O'Brien & Partners have the skills and a experience to develop and implement solutions to achieve your goals. The first step is always consultation to establish the exact needs and desired outcome. The second step is to detail the most direct path to goal. Step 3 is execution. Step 4 is final QC & review.


Staffcheck is our flagship product. It is everything you need to track & schedule employee time securely and compliant. From start to finish track, report and automate payroll. A secure and automated time & attendance ERP.


Security assessments of your existing infrastructure, stress testing and crisis preparation, damage control and mitigation of ongoing breaches or DDOS attacks and repair of past crisis. For more info please do contact us.


Integrating multiple system from different vendors to create coherent and homogenous systems to enable automation and leverage greater efficiency is challenging. We've done it - many times. Do not hesitate to give us a call.

Migrating Legacy

Making legacy applications you still depend on play nice with modern frameworks or securing legacy systems to conform to current security standards is demanding. We know the pitfalls and what to do. Tell us your story.

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